The National Center on Sexual Exploitation is a registered tax-exempt nonprofit and is funded solely by private individual contributions and private foundations. NCOSE does not receive any government funding.View a copy of NCOSE’s IRS 501(c)3 approval letter here. Our Federal Tax ID is 13-2608326.

NCOSE’s budget for 2017 is $1.5 million. Of this 72% is projected to be spent directly on NCOSE’s aggressive and successful programs.



The budget in 2016 was $1.2 million. 73% of this was spent on Programs, 12% on Fundraising and Development efforts, and 15% on Corporate overhead costs. View a copy of our 2016 Report for details on NCOSE’s programs & efforts. Our 2016 990 will be available in mid-2017.

See a copy of our 2015 990 here.











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