CESE Summit 2018
November 14, 2017

Don’t Miss the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Summit

“What can I do in the fight against pornography and sexual exploitation?”

If you’ve ever had this question, we have the answer for you at the 2018 Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation (CESE) Global Summit.

Countless victories in this movement, from getting Utah to declare pornography a public health crisis to convincing grocery stores to cover Cosmopolitan magazine to taking on fierce opposition from the tech world to curb online sex trafficking, have been accomplished because of a well-informed individual in the local community.

You can become equipped to be that kind of key advocate for human dignity by attending our CESE Global Summit! The 2018 CESE Summit will be held April 4-7 in Washington, DC. It is sure to bolster efforts to combat pornography, sex trafficking, prostitution, child sexual abuse, sexual violence, sexualized media, and more.

At the Summit, you will be able to meet leading experts, and to make connections with recovery programs, prevention efforts, and ministries addressing these issues. You will walk out of this four-day event empowered with the knowledge of the latest research, and the inspiration and ideas for ways YOU can make a difference in YOUR hometown.

Whether you are looking for ways to protect your family, educate your friends, or take action against a form of sexual exploitation near you, this is the event to attend. Visit the CESE Summit webpage to learn more, and to register: http://endsexualexploitation.org/cesesummit2018/

Dawn Hawkins

Senior Vice President & Executive Director

Dawn Hawkins is a passionate defender of human rights who has dedicated her life to fighting against societal harms that threaten the dignity of others. Her energy, creativity and mobilization skills have revived the anti-pornography movement.

As Executive Director of National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCSE), Mrs. Hawkins has developed a national strategy uniting conservative, women’s rights, child advocacy and religious groups, including a bipartisan political leadership, to work together raising awareness of the pandemic of harm from pornography. Her initiatives have led to sweeping policy changes of policies that foster exploitation for targets such as Google, Verizon and the Department of Defense. Through her leadership, NCSE has grown a network reaching hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. Mrs. Hawkins has appeared on many local and national television programs, including Fox & Friends, CNN and Good Morning America. She regularly authors articles and speaks around the country addressing the harms of pornography and all forms of sexual exploitation and what can be done to curb the growing public health crisis resulting from pornography.

Prior to joining NCSE in February 2011, she was a volunteer working for several hours each week for Patrick Trueman, current president and CEO of NCSE. While volunteering for Mr. Trueman, she was employed by a political consulting firm helping businesses and political candidates utilize digital strategies to reach expansive audiences and raise funds. Her expertise in social networking and digital strategies contributed to the successful election of several high-profile candidates in the 2010 election cycle. Dawn has worked on a number of prominent political campaigns, including Marco Rubio for Senate in 2010 and Mitt Romney for President in 2008.

Dawn regularly volunteers for organizations devoted to helping children and the homeless. She is a graduate of Tufts University and currently resides with her husband and two children in Virginia.

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