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CNN: Utah Gov. Gary Herbert signs resolution calling porn a ‘health hazard’

Original Source: CNN Author: Forest Brown   A state with a national reputation for wholesomeness is taking aim at a medium with quite a different reputation: the pornography industry. Utah Gov. Gary R. Herbert signed two pieces of legislation on Tuesday that aim to combat what’s called “a sexually toxic environment” caused by porn. “Pornography […]

Issue: Pornography Harms

TIME: Utah Governor Declares Pornography a Public Health Crisis

Original Source: Time Author: Melissa Chan “We realize this is a bold assertion … it is, in fact, the full-fledged truth” Utah Gov. Gary Herbert on Tuesday signed a resolution that declared pornography a public health crisis. Supporters of the resolution praised its passage while comparing the dangers of pornography to that of smoking. “I believe pornography […]

Issue: Pornography Harms

ONENEWSNOW: Congress slaps lucrative trafficking website

Original Source: OneNewsNow Author: Charlie Butts An online advertising service that peddles trafficked women, men, and children may soon run up a huge bill for legal expenses – and the U.S. Senate may be pursuing further steps to make sure that happens. A Senate panel was conducting a hearing to look into sex traffickers using to […]

Issue: Child Sexual Exploitation

CNBC: Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue will have virtual reality feature

Original Source: CNBC SAN FRANCISCO — In the mid 1800s, showman P.T. Barnum decided to drum up crowds for his circus by blanketing cities with advertisements and posters. Fast forward 150 years, and media outlets are starting to do the same with virtual reality. Sports Illustrated announced Monday that its annual swimsuit edition — which […]

Issue: Objectification

DAILY MAIL: Utah Senator claims pornography is so dangerous it is a ‘public health crisis’

Original Source: Daily Mail UK A U.S. Senator has declared that pornography is creating a state-wide ‘public health crisis’ in Utah. The conservative state has one of the highest rate of porn use across the Unites States, according to a 2009 study. Now Senator Todd Weiler has filed the resolution, SCR. 9 Concurrent Resolution, warning […]

Issue: Pornography Harms

WASHINGTON EXAMINER: Justice put on ‘Dirty Dozen’ list of porn promoters

Original Source: Washington Examiner By: Paul Bedard   A key group in the war on sexual violence has named the Justice Department to its “Dirty Dozen” list for failing to enforce existing obscenity law which they claims fosters pornography. Coming just days after a new report showed that porn use among teens and adults is […]

2017 Dirty Dozen: The Watch List – DOJ – Defend Justice

Appeals court rules no constitutional right to view porn at campus library

Original Source: WAUSAU (WKOW) — An Eau Claire man didn’t have a constitutional right to view pornography on a university library computer, a Wisconsin appeals court ruled Tuesday morning. The case dates back to December 2014, when two students in the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire library noticed David Reidinger, then 45, watching pornography on a library […]

Issue: College

TWC News: Males Often Victims of Human Trafficking

Original Source: Time Warner Cable News NORTH CAROLINA — A safe house just for male victims of human sex trafficking is set to open later this year in North Carolina, and experts say it’s a much-needed resource. Mark Blackwell, president of Justice Ministries, said, “In the past three years or so, we’ve had about 245 clients, […]

Issue: Child Sexual Exploitation

STEAMBOAT TODAY: Pornography: A public health crisis

Original Source: Steamboat Today By: Mayling Simpson and Paul Hebert Pornography has been openly sold in this country since the advent of Playboy magazine in the 1950s, spawning an ever-widening expansion of magazines, videos and now Internet sites that exploit the female body and sex for profit. While almost no one discusses it, it is so […]

Issue: Pornography Harms

NEW YORK POST: Porn’s dirty secret: the view inside the sex trade

Original Source: New York Post By: Nicole Gelinas The cool-girl view of porn is that all men watch and so good wives and girlfriends should tolerate it, maybe even browse themselves to learn a few things. Sorry: There’s nothing cool or enlightened about participating in the exploitation of women who aren’t as lucky in life as […]

Issue: Pornography Harms

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