Standing Prayer Requests

  • Help those who are struggling with pornography use;
  • Strengthen the partners of pornography users that they will be healed, find understanding and know what is best for themselves and their family;
  • Protect children from exposure as long as possible and help them make sense of right and wrong once they are exposed. Help them to feel dignity and self-worth;
  • Guide parents to teach their children real love and the value of others;
  • Safeguard families and relationships;
  • Aid those who are exploited and abused and who are suffering because of the demand for pornography. Help them to feel loved and valued;
  • Inspire the individuals who are working around the country in this movement that they will know what to do and how to help;
  • Provide the considerable funding needed to escalate the fight against pornography;
  • Impress and enable leaders (political, business, community, etc.) to use their positions to oppose pornography;
  • Motivate and give courage to individuals to take up this fight and join with us;
  • Comfort the many who are hurting because of pornography.

Recent Alerts

May 8th Prayer Alert

This week, we are asking for your prayers as we continue planning our two major events for the year, our annual Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation and our Capitol Hill Symposium.

woman praying

April 24 Prayer Alert

This week, we are thanking God for a successful Cosmo Magazine Press Conference and are praying over a meeting we have with the Executives of Hilton Hotels.

group of people praying

April 10 Prayer Alert

This week, we are asking for prayer over our Cosmo Harms Minor campaign that we are re-launching. We also ask that you join us in prayer for the events we are hosting later this year.

be a prayer warrior

March 20 Prayer Alert

This week, we are praying together for victims of human trafficking and women that have been coerced and mistreated by the porn industry. We are asking for God’s redemption, divine strength and ultimate healing in their minds, hearts, and bodies.

pray together

March 6 Prayer Alert

This week, we are joining together in prayer for our current Google campaign, for a healthy staff, and for the families that have been impacted by pornography.

NCSE Staff at NRB 2015