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Action Alert: Will Your Senator Help Fight Online Sex Trafficking?

As you may know, sex trafficking has moved online. But our laws haven’t kept up. In fact, federal law (Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act) gives broad immunity to websites that facilitate sex trafficking. Even websites like (a company on NCOSE’s Dirty Dozen List) that earn most of their profits from sex trafficking […]

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2017 Dirty Dozen:

Special Edition Peer-reviewed Dignity Journal Documents NCOSE’s Freedom from Sexploitation Agenda

We strategically host events that will not only raise awareness or influence policy makers but that will also capture the incredible voices of experts fighting sexual exploitation. One way we’ve done that is through our national briefing in the U.S. Capitol, the Freedom from Sexploitation Agenda, which took place this past March. Experts from around […]

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Freedom from Sexploitation Agenda

Are You With Us? Call on the DOJ to #EnforceTheLaw

Hopefully, by now you’ve heard that Federal law prohibits the distribution of obscene adult pornography.   Why do I care so much about this law? Because if the Department of Justice would have been regularly enforcing obscenity law we would likely not have the ocean of pornography on cable and satellite TV, hotels, motels, retail shops, […]

2017 Dirty Dozen: The Watch List – DOJ – Defend Justice

Amend the Communications Decency Act to Protect Victims of Sexual Exploitation

Freedom from Sexploitation Agenda


Freedom from Sexploitation Agenda

The Global Supply Chain of Sexual Exploitation and the Necessity of Combating the Demand for Commercial Sex

Freedom from Sexploitation Agenda

Today’s Porn- Not a Constitutional Right; Not a Human Right

Freedom from Sexploitation Agenda

Two Questions, the Same Answer- The Role of Demand in Prostitution and Sex Trafficking

Freedom from Sexploitation Agenda

It Can’t Wait- Exposing the Connections between Forms of Sexual Exploitation

Freedom from Sexploitation Agenda

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