By allowing Sex Week events on campus, university officials and administrators carelessly facilitate the sexual assault problem on our college campuses. The events, often paid for by University money, regularly encourage unhealthy sex practices without regard to research or real-life application.

MIM_sexweeklogoA variety of studies indicate that sexual assault on campus is a significant although underreported problem. The problem is now so serious that President Obama has launched the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault, chaired by Vice President Biden. According to the White House press release announcing the program, “Studies show that about one in five women is a survivor of attempted or completed sexual violence while in college.”

While the numbers and frequency of such crimes may be in dispute, it is undeniable that pornography-use by the perpetrator is a factor in many assaults both on and off campus. The mainstreaming and prevalence of pornography is also a major reason why women are not reporting these assaults, as porn exposure leads to many “permission-giving” beliefs surrounding rape and violence. The link between pornography and crime is well documented on our website

It is therefore perplexing that many colleges and universities, including some of our nation’s top schools, are succumbing to student pressure to welcome Sex Week celebrations to bring hardcore pornography, as well as pornographic displays for public consumption, on campuses. Some schools even include lectures on sex by naked instructors and demonstrations encouraging students to engage in BDSM, or violent torture sex.

At Yale University, where sex week was first initiated a dozen years ago there were two reported rape cases the week we launched the Dirty Dozen List last year (2014) and named Sex Week to the list. The assaults were reported by students who attended an annual “BDSM” party (where students dressed up in bondage costumes and violent porn was projected on the walls of the room).

Sex week celebrations have now spread to Harvard, Columbia, University of Chicago, Brown, Northwestern, University of Tennessee, University of Michigan and a smattering of other schools.

On this site we will continually update contact information of university and college officials at schools that allow sex week celebrations.

It is noted that on some campuses students concerned about sexual assault, abstinence, and respect for the sexes are muscling their way onto the agendas of sex week celebrations to bring balance to the events.


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