How It Works

The city-wide blitz and billboard campaign raises awareness about the connections between all forms of sexual exploitation. Many of our past billboards have had a specific focus on pornography. The campaign also connects people with resources if they are struggling and it motivates action to publicly oppose exploitation in local communities. This project has reached audiences in Alabama, Nebraska, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, California, and Wisconsin.

  • bham_billboard1Community advocates select the billboard they would like to advertise on and raise funds for the cost of the campaign. NCOSE has many tools to help.
  • NCOSE works with the selected billboard company to secure placement and manage art and design. NCOSE can help by also building a special webpage specific to the message and local community needs.
  • NCOSE works with the community leaders to build a local coalition of groups and to launch an aggressive local education campaign using local news, schools, ministries, etc.

The Result

You’ve brought awareness to thousands of people and you’ve helped connect hundreds to resources to aid in their struggles.

Past City Blitz Campaigns

Billboard Design Examples

Here are designs that are already made, but we are open to creating additional ones if you have other ideas.

NCOSE's 2019 Victories and Highlights

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If you would like to run a city-wide blitz in your area, please contact us at or call 202-393-7245.