January 3, 2012

Bangladesh Pornography Ban Raises Issue of Online Privacy

The Christian Post
January 3, 2012

The Bangladeshi government has approved, and the Parliament is expected to pass, a new anti-pornography law that would reportedly prohibit making or distributing any kind of pornographic material, including such material made available on the Internet …

But policing the Internet for illegal activity is a complicated task, as confirmed by the U.S. government’s continued attempts to crack down on distributors of child pornography.

“The government has the technology to track the Internet addresses of the suspects,” Shorful Alam, CEO of Aamra Network Ltd, a leading IT firm in Dhaka, told the BBC. “But those involved in the porn business tend to be smarter and a step ahead of the officials.”

On the other side of the spectrum, worldwide, multiple studies have shown a worrying correlation between pornography and divorces, as well as other negative phenomena. Those may include addiction to pornography and an increase in dangerous sexual behavior, according to Morality in Media an advocacy group. According to a Kaiser Family Foundation 2001 poll, 49 percent of participants of the survey said pornography promotes bad attitudes toward women and encourages viewers to think unprotected sex is okay.

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