March 26, 2014

ACTION: Help with Verizon campaign

Things are heating up in our efforts with Verizon. Last week, Verizon defended their choice to profit from pseudo-child, violent and incest pornography as a “tremendous benefit” to consumers. We are now in touch with many of their board members. 
We need your help with the following three things THIS WEEK:
1. Take 10 minutes to call three of Verizon’s board members. The phone numbers and suggested script are HERE. You will also be able to send us feedback through the form.
2. Please leave a comment on these three news articles. Pro-porn advocates are speaking up, we need your help to make our case! Also, tweet and share them on Facebook.
3. Contact Verizon executives here. (We’re not sure how, but they have blocked emails from some, but many are still getting through to them. If yours are blocked, please forward the email to us at so we can investigate further.)

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