December 18, 2012

Are you with us?

Dear Friend,

If you believe, like I do that pornography is a plague on our society, I hope that you will give generously to Morality in Media before this year ends.  Your donation is tax deductible.  And it will be matched.

We learned in 2012 that the average age of first exposure to hardcore porn on the Internet is now just 11 – and that many children have a steady diet of porn at an even earlier age.  That’s why Morality in Media is working so hard on our Safe Schools, Safe Libraries Project, to be sure that every computer has an effective porn-blocking filter.

We also learned more about the devastating harm that porn use is causing to marriages. The one place that people should be able to turn to for help on pornography is their local church but we learned this year that most Christian churches in the U. S. provide no information on pornography and no help to those who struggle.

So we launched our Faith Outreach Initiative to get brochures on the harms of pornography into every church in America.  Soon we will launch a series of conferences on pornography in Catholic dioceses and at several Evangelical churches in the country.

As the leading national organization fighting pornography, we are painfully aware that so much more needs to be done to stop the pandemic of harm from pornography.  We need to reach every American family and every child in America with the message that “Porn Harms” and offer good help, sound research, and effective programs to combat pornography.

We are David against Goliath.  But with God on our side and your generous financial help, just look what we accomplished this year.  We detailed just some of our victories here.

Will you give again right now – no matter what you have given this year already?  We promise you that your donation will be put right into Morality in Media’s WAR ON PORNOGRAPHY and win victories in 2013.  Our track record is sound – we never back down.  Our staff is hard working, innovative, confrontational, and successful.

Please give generously right now.  Your gift is tax-deductible.






Patrick A. Trueman

President & CEO



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