August 19, 2016

ACTION: Ask Major Hotel Corporations to Stop Hosting Sexually Exploitive Events

Pornographic or sexually oriented conventions, expos, or conferences held in hotels risk the safety and welfare of hotel staff and patrons.

Sexually exploitive events are those that promote sexually oriented businesses—businesses whose purpose it is to stimulate, titillate, or arouse the sexual fantasies of patrons, or facilitate the exchange of commercial or group sex acts.

Unfortunately, these kinds of events are becoming more and more common as the pornography and sex industry strive to fit into the mainstream entertainment world.

These events promote sexual exploitation, violence against women, gender inequality, racism, and material harmful to minors. In addition to concerns over the affect of such events on hotel staff and patrons, there are also increasing concerns over the potential for an uptick in sex trafficking and prostitution surrounding these events.

In fact, Dallas police have reported that a local pornography expo was directly linked to several arrests of men seeking to buy sex. And two major hotels refused to host a pornography expo in Houston, TX, this past summer over similar concerns.

We are calling on all major hotel corporations to enact new brand-standards so that all associated hotels no longer host these events.


Take Action: Sign Our Petition and Send a Message to Hotel Executives

[If you are not in the U.S. you can sign this petition by writing 00000 in the zip code segment, and selecting a random state.]

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