May 30, 2012

Attorney: NY court decision ‘a pedophile’s dream’
May 15, 2012

Members of the New York Legislature are working to take swift action in response the state’s highest court ruling it is legal to view child porn.
The New York Court of Appeals ruled unanimously last week that viewing child porn online is not necessarily a crime. Morality in Media (MIM) president Pat Truman tells OneNewsNow the decision came in a case where authorities found more than 100 illegal images stored in the browser cache of a former Marist College professor’s work computer.

In 2007, college technicians were examining the malfunctioning hard drive when they encountered the porn, much of which was downloaded and stored. This ruling does not change James Kent’s 141 convictions in connection to downloading child pornography, but it does reverse the two convictions dealing with porn discovered in the cache.

“What they said is as long as you don’t download the material or take possession of it in some way, then you’re free to do that,” explains Trueman. “Well, of course this is a pedophile’s dream, and you’re going to have more child pornography produced and distributed because people in New York are free to view it now.”

He calls the ruling “an outrage.”

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