January 31, 2020

BISNOW: 3 NorCal Hotels Named In Sex Trafficking Lawsuit

Originally published at BISNOW

By Dean Boerner

The lawsuit alleges that the plaintiff, referred to in the lawsuit as B.M., was 16, and “pimped at the three hotel chains, repeatedly and over a long period of time,” National Center on Sexual Exploitation General Counsel Benjamin Bull said. The center is a New York-based nonprofit acting as co-counsel on the case.

All located in San Jose, the three hotels named in the lawsuit — the Super 8 on The Alameda, the Clarion Inn on Monterey Road and the Motel 6 on Fontaine Road — allegedly “enabled, harbored, held, facilitated, or otherwise financially benefited … from a sex trafficking venture in which B.M. was trafficked for sex, sexually exploited, and victimized.”

The lawsuit seeks $9.99M in damages.

“They were either aware, or certainly should have been aware, because of all of the circumstances around her trafficking, that this was occurring,” Bull told Bisnow.

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For years there was no voice in the courts and legislatures advocating for human dignity and against all forms of sexual abuse and exploitation. In the vacuum of a national legal strategy on these issues, pro-sexual exploitation lobbyists stepped in to promote radical and damaging legislation and legal precedents promoting pornography, prostitution, sexually grooming children for abuse, increasing sex trafficking, and more.

Against this backdrop, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) believed it imperative to establish a Law Center to stand as both a sentry and bulwark against the destructive individuals and entities that deny or which facilitate sexual abuse and exploitation.

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