August 31, 2016

One Easy Way Your Business or Organization Can Fight Sexual Exploitation

We are very excited to announce that the National Center on Sexual Exploitation has switched to Cornerstone Payment Systems for all of its credit card processing services.

Cornerstone has created a payment processing service that is distinct and separate from the rest of the industry. They are committed to ensuring that their organization will NOT process credit card transactions for ANY morally objectionable business – such as companies that profit from pornography and other forms of sexual exploitation.

Moreover, Cornerstone has agreed to partner with us on a program called, “Processing with a Purpose.” Through this unique partnership with Cornerstone we are actively recruiting other companies and organizations to convert their credit card processing needs.

The advantages of this partnership are threefold:

1. Directly Benefits the Movement to End Sexual Exploitation

By working with a company like Cornerstone, organizations can ensure that they are not working with a company that profits from sexual exploitation, and we can illustrate how conscious capitalism is an effective business model.

2. Provides Direct Financial Benefit to any Organization that Converts its Credit Card Processing to Cornerstone

Cornerstone guarantees a lower monthly credit card processing rate for all companies that convert. Bottom line: switching with us to Cornerstone will save an organization money.

3. Provides Direct Financial Benefit to NCOSE

Cornerstone has promised to provide a donation to NCOSE for every credit card transaction processed for organizations that convert with us.

We spend a great deal of time informing the public about those companies who exploit others for profit. Well, this is our opportunity to recognize and support an organization that is working to make this world safer for our children and our families.

Indeed, if you know of an organization or company that might be willing to convert their credit card processing to Cornerstone, please let them know about this opportunity. Through this partnership, NCOSE will be able to build a funding stream to support our work while simultaneously helping other organizations and serving the movement. It is a win-win-win opportunity!

Interested parties can sign up for more information here:

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