February 13, 2018

CBN: ‘Dirty Dozen’ List Sheds Light on Sexualized Corporate Culture

In a recent report the National Center on Sexual Exploitation unveiled its annual list of what it deems are purveyors of filth.

This year’s list includes online giant Amazon, cable supplier Comcast as well as education provider EBSCO.

According to the NCOSE report “these companies masquerade as respectable family friendly entities” while violating basic decency by flooding society with products which promote gratuitous violence and sexual deviancy.”

The online juggernaut Amazon makes the list of nefarious retailers because NCOSE says it sells books which are little more than “how to” manuals for would be sex traffickers as well as sex dolls and other paraphernalia catering to pedophiles.

EBSCO Information Services which offers library resources to kids from K-12 through college has worked to safeguard students from pornography; however researchers found dozens of pornographic images through the site in less than an hour.

According to researchers there are work arounds on the EBSCO site which “brings the dark world of XXX to America’s elementary, middle, and high school children.” In a press conference Haley Halverson, Vice President of Advocacy and Outreach at the NCOSE pointed to Backpage.com as a purveyor of sexual exploitation saying it is a direct link to 3 out of 4 of their sex trafficking cases.

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