September 28, 2012



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Why must porn be an issue this election?

Under both the Reagan and Bush I Administrations, vigorous prosecutions of the nation’s top pornographers not only led to a dramatic decrease of pornography, but also a significant change in the nature of pornography. The porn industry stopped producing violent-themed pornography such as rape films, as well as themes involving children. In recent years, however, all prosecution of the existing obscenity laws has stopped, essentially giving pornographers a free pass to produce as much of the hardest types of pornography possible. As a result of not enforcing the law, hardcore pornography has now become the majority of available porn and individuals are suffering from a plethora of harms.

According to peer-reviewed research and many, many personal accounts, harm from adult pornography is at pandemic levels. Exposure to pornography is leading to addiction among many children and adults, and is a significant cause of broken marriages and the sexual exploitation of children and women. Pornography is linked to increased demand of sexual trafficking and its role as a gateway to child pornography is a major reason why child pornographers are increasing at unprecedented levels, according to new studies.

There is good news though! Already existing federal laws, upheld by the U. S. Supreme Court, prohibit distribution of hard-core obscene pornography on the Internet, on cable/satellite TV, on hotel/motel TV, in retail shops, through the mail, and by common carrier. The law is on our side. We simply need a President who is willing to demand that it be enforced.

So far, the Obama Administration has turned a blind eye to the harm from pornography and has not initiated a single new federal obscenity prosecution since President Obama was inaugurated. In fact, they disbanded the task force organized to investigate and prosecute. We need presidential leadership on this issue. Please contact the candidates by email or by phone to make sure they know just how damaging it is to Americans if they allow these laws to remain uninforced.

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