March 4, 2016

Video: Cosmo is Pushing Porn Onto its Readers

The 2016 Dirty Dozen List yet again includes Cosmopolitan Magazine. The Cosmo covers are offensive and often shock people in the checkout aisle, but sadly what is inside the covers is even worse.


Graphic depictions and descriptions of sex acts are regularly featured in this magazine, and the effects of porn culture are regularly found within its articles. In the above video, we give two examples from the most recent issue of two women who are expressing to Cosmo the way different expectations men have due to pornography are negatively affecting themselves or their friends.

But sadly, there is little comfort within Cosmopolitan‘s covers for women who are weary of a pornified world.

Cosmo doesn’t choose to use its platform to help women stand up against these cultural pressures. Instead this magazine adds to the pressure by promoting porn as normal. Within less than 10 weeks of the new year, Cosmo has already published 10 articles about pornography, encouraging women to use it and to accept it. This publication is leading the way to further desensitizing young women and girls to accept and participate in the pornified and sexually violent culture around them.
Join us in the fight to get supermarkets and other family-oriented stores to put wrappers on Cosmopolitan Magazine and to stop selling it to children and teens.

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