May 15, 2013

Culture Comment: McCain’s Plan for Cable TV

MIM Comment: Sen. McCain’s TV Consumer Freedom Act

WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 15, 2013) – U. S. Senator John McCain’s Television Consumer Freedom Act of 2013, which would allow cable and satellite TV consumers to select and pay for only those channels they want, is a wise and timely bill. Morality in Media applauds Senator McCain for taking the side of consumers in this matter that affects the daily lives of millions, particularly children.

Sen. McCain’s bill, the so called “a la carte cable TV bill,” would help many families protect their children from indecent and pornographic content that is now so prevalent on cable and satellite TV. Under the McCain bill, parents would be able to select only those channels that they consider appropriate and thus would not be required to accept or pay for those distributing pornography and indecency on cable or satellite TV. Costs to consumers could also be less because they would no longer be required to pay for indecent programming or for any channels not directly purchased.

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