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November 17, 2017

Daily News: Youth learn safe Internet use

Conventional wisdom states that people learn what they see. Additionally, impressionable people like youth are greatly influenced by peers.

Now here’s the break from conventional wisdom — peer pressure is actually proving to be a reasonable means for ensuring safe Internet use and respect for all students. That’s according to Circle of Nations School in Wahpeton.

“In the Native American community, we’re always taught that women are sacred,” said Principal and Superintendent Charles Morin. “Our boys have had the same teaching and upbringing that I’ve had. We’re taught to remember our Mother Earth.”

Thinking like that is increasingly rare in a world where sex trafficking is familiar, explained Hayley Halverson of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation.

“It is the modern slavery and the pornography industry is a functioning extension of it,” she said.

Circle of Nations is one of several schools using iPads in the classroom. It also follows a diligent policy on the acceptable use of technology. Not only is accessing pornography forbidden with school technology, so is using vulgar, obscene and sexually explicit language.

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