May 7, 2014

DECENCY FIGHT VICTORY: Meeting with FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

Yesterday, May 6, 2014, we had a meeting with the new Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Tom Wheeler.

Last year, the FCC proposed a change in decency standards to start allowing nudity and profanity on broadcast TV. We led great opposition to this with our allied groups (and hundreds of thousands of concerned citizens!) We were on Capitol Hill daily as new Commissioners were being appointed.

We are pleased by the outcome of today’s meeting. We are nearly certain that this new standard to allow nudity will not be implemented and are hopeful that under newly appointed Chairman Wheeler, the current standards will be enforced.

For more information and ways YOU can get involved, check out our FCC Watch On Decency Project.


We were glad to have our allies at the meeting with us: Family Research CouncilAmerican Family AssociationFocus on the FamilyConcerned Women For America, and Decent TV.


National Center on Sexual Exploitation

Founded in 1962, National Center on Sexual Exploitation is the leading national organization opposing pornography by highlighting the links to sex trafficking, violence against women, child abuse, addiction and more. The organization changed its name from Morality In Media to the National Center on Sexual Exploitation early in 2015 to better describe the organization’s scope and mission, which is to expose the seamless connection between all forms of sexual exploitation.

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