October 14, 1997

Despite Bill Clinton’s 1992 anti-obscenity pledge, Americans say Federal obscenity laws are not being vigorously enforced


New York (10/14/97) – According to a national poll conducted by Wirthlin Worldwide in September forMorality in Media, two-thirds of U.S. adults believe the Federal obscenity laws are not being aggressivleyenforced, calling into question whether President Clinton has reneged on a written campaign pledge he made in 1992: “Be assured that aggressive enforcement of the Federal obscenity laws… will be a priority in a Clinton/Gore Administration.”   Wirthlin reported that 8O% of U.S. adults want Federal obscenity laws  vigorously enforced and 68% believe the government is not doing the job.

Morality in Media President Robert Peters said, “The Clinton/Gore Administration has not aggressively enforced Federal obscenity laws, and the Wirthlin data indicate that the American people know it hasn’t, even if they don’t remember the pledge.

“We are, quite frankly, trying to send a message to the White House that the overwhelming majority of Americans want the anti-porn laws enforced, and that most believe the government is not getting it done. Our only desire is for the President now to keep his promise.”

Morality in Media has been circulating a petition calling on the President to fulfill his campaign pledge, and will continue the petition drive through Pornography Awareness Week, Oct. 26 – Nov. 2.  MIM’s petition reads in part: “Since you took office in 1993 … interstate traffic in illegal obscenity is once again ‘booming.’ … You can begin (to fulfill your pledge) by indicating publicly that aggressive enforcement of the federal obscenity laws is a priority in your Administration and by directing the Attorney General to instruct the FBI and all 93 U.S. Attorneys that aggressive enforcement of these laws is a priority in each Federal district.”

Mr. Peters believes that, “The results of the Wirthlin poll and the signatures of thousands of Americans that have sent Petition forms to our office in New York should encourage Federal and State official concerned about the explosive increase in hardcore pornography. The results should also help dispel the false notion that the widespread availability of porn proves that people and communities accept it.”

Pornography Awareness Week is intended to give the public a focused opportunity to make it clear they want Federal and state obscenity laws enforced. In the past, about half of the state Governors have issued Pornography Awareness Week Proclamations. They, and mayors in hundreds of villages and cities, are being asked to do so again this year. Author: Morality in Media   10/14/1997

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