August 20, 2013

Drive-In Sex: Is America Next?

The Downward Spiral to Drive-In Prostitution:
Is America Next?

Drive-ins aren’t just for fast food and movies anymore- if you’re in Europe, that is. With Switzerland’s announcement that it spent a whopping $2 million on a plan to provide “drive-in prostitution,” complete with “sex boxes,” it makes you wonder how their priorities and social norms became so distorted. Certainly the easy availability of pornography is a contributing factor.

Hardcore pornography is commonplace in European countries, available on TV networks and at magazine stands in public areas. “Enlightened Europeans” claim that the widespread acceptance of this sexually exploitive material is without effect in society. Or is it?

Studies indicate that there is a high correlation between the consumption of porn and the use of prostituted women and sexually trafficked women and children. Research on the topic can be found at

Switzerland, along with other countries like the Netherlands and Germany, legalized prostitution years ago and are now taking further steps to promote prostitution. In the case of Switzerland, they are providing “sex boxes,” similar to rest stops at national parks in the U.S. This is all for the convenience of the “johns,” who are in a hurry who just drive up for quick sex. They say this is for the health and safety of those prostituted, but this is not a sign of a healthy society. It will eventually lead to where all efforts to promote prostitution lead – to more health problems, more trafficked victims, and further degradation of society.

In the United States, we have laws that ban hardcore pornography and prostitution. We have seen how trafficking, violence against women, the sexualization of children, and the spread of sexually oriented diseases have increased because we ignore these laws. Unless we take strong steps to stop this downward spiral and curb the spread of pornography and prostitution – can sex boxes be far behind in America? We think not and continue to demand that existing laws prohibiting the distribution of hardcore pornography, sex trafficking, and prostitution be vigorously enforced.

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