May 16, 2014

VIDEO: Former pornography producer speaks candidly about industry (WUSA9)

By Andrea A. McCarren
May 16, 2014

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA9) — Leaders in the fight against pornography joined forces today, calling it a “public health emergency.”

Experts say viewing porn can damage relationships, lead to crime and even, increase the demand for the sex trafficking of children and adults. WUSA9’s Andrea McCarren had a candid conversation with a former porn producer, who is now filled with regret for the damage he has done to hundreds of women.

“They’re usually your daughters who are going to school and they meet a guy like me,” said Donny Pauling. “So they can start at $500 a day or they can go work at a coffee shop and bring home a couple hundred every few weeks, so in this age, it’s really not hard to recruit.”

WUSA9 asked, “How lucrative was all this for you?”

“For me, if a girl’s making $500 a day, and I shoot her for a whole day, I could easily make $3,000-5,000 off of just the photo content, not counting the video. Video would depend on what she was doing and what she was willing to do.”

Donny Pauling produced pornographic films for nine years. He hid it from his wife for three of them.

“The first month I didn’t have to hide what I was doing, I brought in $50, 350,” he said.

We asked, “Do you see a correlation between this and child sex trafficking?”

“Absolutely,” he replied. “She does whatever I ask. Then she has to do more. And do more and do more to keep getting that money. How’s that not sex trafficking?”

Pauling added, “There’s no difference between that and a pimp who tells a girl off of a bus that he’s her boyfriend and then makes her do more and more and more. It’s exactly the same, it’s just that oftentimes we’re dressed better.”

He has been out of the industry for eight years and now questions the appeal of porn.

“What’s appealing about a girl that’s curled up in a fetal position in a corner sucking her thumb because her mind is so blown by what she’s just done to herself that she doesn’t know how to handle it? Because that’s what porn is.”

Pauling told us he used to work for Playboy and had his own porn sites, which drew 12 Million visitors a month. He is now out of the industry, with a job doing Internet marketing for car dealers.

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