February 20, 2015

Grocers Refuse to Remove Sports Illustrated Complaints

Last week, the latest edition of Sports Illustrated was released with a near-bottomless model on the front. In response to this pornographic cover photo, thousands of concerned families and patrons from all over the country wrote to top commercial retailers and asked them to treat this magazine as any other pornographic material– behind blinders and out of the reach of children.

In response to the written concerns, retailers, Barnes & Noble, Safeway and Walgreens responded with a similar theme in their message. They are more concerned with profit margins than they are of children being forcefully exposed to nudity. Each of their responses made special note that the needs of the customers were top priority. If the magazine is in demand by their customers, they won’t cease to sell it, as is, in broad, open spaces.

Interestingly, though, the thousands of Americans that wrote to them were their customers. Why is it that the only customers being heard are the ones who will potentially buy this pornographic magazine? Why aren’t the voices of other concerned, loyal shoppers being heard in the same way?

The distressed consumers that wrote to the top CEO’s of each of these companies didn’t ask for Sports Illustrated to stop being sold. They asked the CEO’s to treat it like the pornographic material that it is and put it out of sight of their young children. The refusal of these three companies to comply with customer demand is disappointing to say the least. To put profit before values, families and children is despicable and is indicative of the store’s priorities.

Join the National Center on Sexual Exploitation in removing this pornographic material from the reach of children. Send a note to top retailers in order to keep shopping experiences safe and family-friendly!

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