February 16, 2012

Group Battles Against The Playboy Club on NBC

Top Secret Writers

The Playboy Club is a history lesson about the origins of the actual Playboy Club in Chicago, in 1963. It was at this club that the first Playboy “bunnies” ever got their start, in a working environment that has made women’s rights groups cringe in disgust.

The entire point of the club was to objectify women – to set them up as objects to be enjoyed by the male patrons that attended the club.

On Thursday, June 30, the group issued a press release declaring war against NBC, and vowing to do everything within its power to make the series as unprofitable for NBC as possible. The effort is being labeled “The War on Illegal Pornography”.

The group has established a website called Close the Club on NBC, where you can view statements from past Playmates, fill out a form to send your feelings about the series to NBC executives, and also sign the pledge against the show.

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