June 11, 2012


Washington, DC (June 6, 2012) – Groupon, the online coupon company has stopped promoting companies dealing in pornography. Morality In Media, which initiated a national boycott of Groupon due to its association of torture pornographer Kink, has now announced the end of the boycott.

“Mainstream companies should stay far away from the sexual exploitation and abuse that is part and parcel of the mission of pornography companies,” said Patrick A. Trueman, MIM’s president. “Groupon offered deals not only for Kink but for an event at Playboy, the world’s top sexual exploiter,” he added.

Trueman noted that Groupon management has refused to acknowledge to MIM that it changed its policy to prohibit sales of coupons for pornography related activities. MIM learned of the change through a confidential source, a business customer of Groupon, and confirmed the policy change through a second business customer of the company.

Groupon initially defended its support of Kink, which sells porn videos and offers live online torture porn performances. Groupon claimed that Kink is an ‘active, good member of their community.”

During the two-month boycott, more than 20,000 people canceled their Groupon memberships through a web page provided by MIM for the boycott. Untold thousands of others no doubt took similar action as a result of the boycott publicity.

“The Groupon national boycott demonstrates that large numbers of people are willing to take action to challenge pornography wherever it rears its ugly head,” said MIM’s Executive Director, Dawn Hawkins.

About Morality in Media Founded in 1962, Morality in Media, Inc. is the leading organization focused on opposing pornography and indecency through public education and the application of the law. http://pornharms.com//.

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