February 10, 2016

VIDEO: HBO and Game of Thrones Normalize Sexual Violence and Pornified Entertainment

Lisa Thompson and Haley Halverson address the way HBO and Game of Thrones make pornified entertainment part of the mainstream entertainment.


HBO is well known for producing its own content, and for pushing the envelope in its depiction of graphic sexual scenes and violence. Sexualized violence and torture have been normalized by HBO for years, across several programs. Shows like True Blood, Game of Thrones, Cathouse, and others have revealed HBO’s consistent propensity to normalize sexual violence, prostitution, and soft-core pornography.

Game of Thrones uses incest, child sexual abuse, and rape to entertain. Nudity and exploitation become a kind of wallpaper to a storyline that uses to bring the ambiance of torture porn into the American living room.

You are invited to hold HBO and Game of Thrones accountable by taking action below:

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