December 3, 2018

Helping Women Heal From Betrayal Trauma

“I almost feel paralyzed. Like I can’t stop thinking about my marriage and questioning if any of it has been real. Did he ever really love me or have I just been lying to myself? Have I ever been good enough for him?”

Discovering you’ve been sexually betrayed by your partner can be completely devastating. Many women, in fact, describe their struggle to sleep, eat, and even take care of themselves or others around them after discovering that their partner has been unfaithful to them. Whether it was infidelity, looking at pornography, going to strip clubs, or sexually acting out in other ways, these women felt helpless and unsafe with their husband’s behavior.

Bloom is a website created by therapists specifically for women working to heal from the trauma of sexual betrayal. Bloom provides specialized, empathetic, compassionate, therapy and online courses for women healing from the trauma of sexual betrayal. Anyone can get started for free.

The website offers this all-around approach to helping partners/spouses/loved ones:

50+ Free Online Courses To Heal From Betrayal Trauma
Courses that address the often overlooked trauma stemming from infidelity and sexual betrayal. Topics include (but aren’t limited to): relational trauma, emotional wellness, sexual addiction, anxiety, depression, and relationship issues.

Certified Betrayal Trauma Therapist Support
Bloom connects users with a network of Betrayal Trauma Certified therapist that provide specialized help. Their therapists provide individual, couple, and group therapy (both in-person & online).

24/7 Message Based Coaching
Bloom Certified coaches provide an excellent supplement to therapy. Find personalized, one-on-one guidance, goal setting, support and habit building, as you recover from betrayal trauma.

Bloom’s desire is to not only help mend the broken heart, but help women whose partners have sexually betrayed them to becoming stronger, brighter, and whole.

You can learn more and get started for free at

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