November 15, 2017

IBT: Is Fifty Shades really glamorising sexual abuse as entertainment in the age of Harvey Weinstein?

This is an era where everyone is raising their voice against sexual assault by powerful men ever since the Harvey Weinstein story by The New York Times.

Recently many people have taken to various social media platforms to share their own experiences of sexual misconduct using the hashtag #MeToo.

In the meantime, the third instalment of the Fifty Shades trilogy is gearing up to hit the screens. It involves some BDSM action between its two protagonists— Christian (Jamie Dornan) and Anastasia (Dakota Johnson).

Katherine Blakeman, the Director of Communications at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation in the US, seems to have taken umbrage to this. She wrote a column for Townhall: “The idea that violence perpetrated against (college student and eventually Mrs Grey) Ana Steele by (wealthy businessman) Christian Grey is either healthy or loving is just that – a fantasy.”

Calling it “horrific”, she raised the question: “Why is Fifty Shades glamorising this type of abuse as mere entertainment in the age of #MeToo and Harvey Weinstein?”

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