Letter to Verizon Executives: Stop Facilitating Exploitation



This letter was sent by NCOSE on December 11, 2015.

Mr. Lowell C. McAdam, Chairman and CEO
Verizon Communications Inc.
140 West Street
New York, NY 10007


Download PDF Version
Download PDF Version

Dear Mr. McAdam:

We are writing to express our dismay concerning Verizon’s ongoing distribution of hardcore pornography via Fios television’s video-on-demand and premium channel services and insist that you take prompt action to stop distribution of such material. Shortly, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) will publicly announce its annual “Dirty Dozen List,” which catalogs top promoters of sexual exploitation and pornography in America. If Verizon does not take swift measures to stop its dissemination of pornography, it will earn the disreputable distinction of placement on the Dirty Dozen List for the third consecutive year. Additionally, short of swift action by Verizon, we intend to add the matter of your distribution of pornography to the agenda of all our meetings with members of Congress.

In letters dated March 4 and June 16, 2014, and January 8 and May 27, 2015, we have repeatedly appealed to you to take action both as a matter of conscience, and because the material being distributed likely violates U.S. law, 18 U.S. Code Section 1468, which prohibits distribution of obscene matter by means of a cable or subscription services on television. While we acknowledge a change in your programming at times to reduce overtly child-themed pornography, this is not enough. As the following sample of titles recently offered by Verizon demonstrates themes of incest, racism, sexism, and exploitation are ubiquitous to pornography.


  • A Thug Did My 18YO!

I can’t believe my 18YO has a black boyfriend! I told her that if her first time was with a black man, her slit won’t be pleased by anyone ever again cuz once you go black you never go back!


  • All Bushy 18YOs HD

Hustler presents: All bush! Eager 18-year-olds want their hairy slits spread open! The more you pull on the bush, the more these girls get off!


  • All 18YO Nanny Sex

Don’t tell my wife that I’ve been pounding our 18YO nanny! Her cute little hands looks so small holding my throbbing shaft!


  • Amateurs Paid for Sex

Hot amateurs are getting picked up and paid for sex! These real, all-natural babes can’t resist a handsome stranger with a fat wallet and a fatter shaft, so the second he offers, they’re wet and ready to go!


  • Asians Damaged

Hustler presents: Pretty Asian princesses spread their wet little slits for a thick ramrod! Asian girls have tighter boxes, so you’ve gotta push a little harder to fit inside!


  • Barely Legal 145

They’re finally ready to spread wide open! Barely-legal hotties take shaft down their mouths until they’re drenched in milky-white goodness!


  • BFF’s Daddy & Me

Dad’s new babe is eager to take a ride on this throbbing shaft! Her tight pink is aching for massive girth & she can’t wait to take mouthfuls of hot goo!


  • Celibate18&Petite

Innocent tiny coeds spread their thighs wide and watch in disbelief as their tight lil’ slits are stuffed and crammed to barely fit throbbing arm-sized dongs!


  • Dainty Black 18YOs

Black cuties spread for extreme rod-ramming sex! 5 sweet ebony coeds learn how to love throbbing shaft!


  • Dad’s 18YO Toy

It must be a good day, because these older men are stuffing supple pink! Hopefully their wives never find out that they’ve been doing the hottie next door!


  • DDD Bib Black Booty

DDDs Covered in Dairy! Sexy & seductive ebony women pouring milk on their breasts hypnotize hung men into hard-on! Big Boobs, Plumb Booty & Curvy Bodies make these black babes the best bang!


  • Drilled 18YO Girls!

They’re only 18-years-old, but these horny girls love shaft! Daddy thinks they’re at home studying, but they’re really taking shaft until man-juice pours out of their mouths!


  • Euro99ilAmatrCoeds2

Check out the tight-bodied Euro tramps stuffing huge dong down their mouths & into their co-ed pink in this all amateur bang-fest of pure filth from abroad. Every new girl is new and nasty!


  • Ghetto Rod Ambush

Two monster black shafts slam a hot white girl in every scene! These girls will never be the same again after getting double-teamed by massive black thunder sticks!


  • Horny SchoolgirlsHD

Hustler presents: 18-year-old sweet girls can’t wait to skip class and get hammered by rock-hard schlong!


  • Hot 18YOSchoolgirls

18-year-old sweet girls can’t wait to skip class and get hammered by rock-hard schlong!


  • Hot Jewish 18YOs

Nice Jewish girls get naughty as they take massive lengths of throbbing shaft! Watch as they get slammed hard.


  • Old Guys F 18YOs

I was so nervous about my first time with my boyfriend, but my dad’s friend showed me how to use my mouth on him until he got so big and hard, and how to spread my little pink so he could fit inside!


  • Snug Asian Slits

A Taste Of The Orient! Asian beauties exude sex and love a throbbing shaft inside their slits. With Skills like the stars and lips as tight as a virgin you’ll lose your nut in no time. Banzai Booty!


One wonders what Verizon executives can be thinking in distributing and profiting from this kind of material. In an age when our society is reeling from racial stereotypes and violence, colleges and universities are wrestling with an epidemic of sexual assault, thousands of young women and girls are being trafficked for purposes of prostitution, child sexual abuse is 75 times more common than pediatric cancer, and 81.2% of childhood sexual abuse cases are perpetrated by parents, pornography like “A Thug Did My 18YO,” “Ghetto Rod Ambush,” “Asians Damaged,” “HornySchoolgirlsHD”, “Amateurs Paid for Sex,” and “BFF’s Daddy and Me,” as well as others Verizon has sold (not listed above) such as “Coed Spankings,” “Sorority Sex Show!,” and “Cheerleader G-Bang” only exacerbate deeply entrenched social ills that have devastating impacts at the individual and societal level. Yet, for only $17.99 Verizon allows sex buyers to fulfill their sexual urges with the likes of the above, as well as “All Moms & Grannys,” “Hunting 4 Grannys,” “Gang BlkGirls BW,” and “A 13” Kidney Clean.”

As many of the above titles and descriptions illustrate, pornography’s emphasis on teen and young girls is inescapable. Clearly much of pornography attempts to accentuate first time sexual experiences of females, the “barely legal” age of the performers, the petiteness of their bodies, and significant age differentials between sexual partners, thus catering to the sexual fantasies of consumers (i.e. sex buyers) that involve sex with the underaged.

As if distributing and profiting from pornography is not bad enough, Verizon is also complicit in attempting to cover the tracks of those who buy this material. For nearly every pornographic film offered through video-on-demand, Verizon also advertises that, “Movie titles do not appear on your bill.” This certainly helps keep spouses and partners in the dark about their partner’s pornography use. Evidently, Verizon endeavors to support porn industry films like “All 18YO Nanny Sex” when they ask, “Don’t tell my wife that I’ve been pounding our 18YO nanny!”

Ensuring Verizon customers’ convenience while engaging in voyeuristic prostitution (i.e. pornography), pornography purchases are even “My Rewards+ Eligible.”

Further, pornography is available to all your customers through your Internet services unless a consumer takes affirmative action to block such material through a third party. As you may be aware, in the United Kingdom and in other countries, an “opt-in” approach has been adopted. Nearly all ISPs in the UK have begun blocking pornography unless a consumer exercises an option to “opt-in” for such material. If Verizon were to take the lead in the country by offering such an option, we believe it would find a large base of support and do much to make up for Verizon’s years of confederacy with the pornography industry.

A wealth of peer-reviewed research demonstrates the many harms of pornography. We maintain a database of such studies at PornHarmsResearch.com. Adults, and even children, are developing addictions to pornography, as pornography hijacks the brain’s reward center in a way similar to drug addiction. Pornography is a destructive force in marriage contributing significantly to divorces, and as research demonstrates, even kills the desire to marry. Sexual violence against women, including sexual harassment and rape, are correlated to the consumption of pornography.

A rigorous meta-analysis of 46 studies provides clear evidence confirming that pornography exposure is an important factor contribution directly to the development of sexually dysfunctional attitudes and behaviors including: 1) developing sexual deviant tendencies, 2) committing sexual offenses, 3) experiencing difficulties in intimate relationships, and 4) accepting rape myths.[1] Older adolescents who use pornography are more likely to be attracted to 13 or 14 year olds,[2] and the earlier college men were exposed to pornography the more likely they are to have engaged in nonconsensual sex.[3] Fraternity men who consume “mainstream” pornography express a greater intent to commit rape; those who consume sadomasochistic pornography express significantly less willingness to intervene in situations of sexual violence, greater beliefs in rape myths, and greater intent to commit rape; among those who consume rape theme pornography.[4]

We also have testimonials from former pornography performers who report being exploited, given illicit drugs, coerced to perform objectionable acts, and raped, thus constituting sexual trafficking under the U.S. Trafficking Victims Projection Act.

All boys, girls, women, and men have a natural human dignity and thus a right to live lives free from sexual exploitation. All pornography is degrading, dehumanizing, exploitive, and a violation of this right. All pornography is a serial attack on human dignity, identity and worth. NCOSE exists to make society aware of pornography’s many harms, to equip individuals and families to overcome and protect against those harms, and to advocate that all laws defending the right to be free from pornography are vigorously enforced. Our nation is now suffering an emerging public health crisis from the widespread distribution of pornography, and Verizon bears a great burden of responsibility for that harm. So we will not rest until Verizon extricates itself from the pornography industry.

Other major corporations such as Marriott, Hilton Worldwide, and Hyatt Hotels Corp., and others have eliminated or are eliminating pornography from their business model. Now is the time for Verizon to do likewise and, in so doing, take a leadership position in the communications industry. We welcome the opportunity to meet with your representatives to discuss these matters at your earliest convenience.


  • Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch
  • Rep. Bob Goodlatte, Chairman, U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee
  • Sen. Chuck Grassley, Chairman, U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee
  • Sen. John Thune, Chairman, U.S. Senate Comm. on Commerce, Science, & Transportation
  • Rep. Fred Upton, Chairman, U.S. House of Rep. Energy & Commerce Committee
  • Shellye L. Archambeau, Verizon, Board of Directors
  • Mark T. Bertolini, Verizon, Board of Directors
  • Richard L. Carrión, Verizon Board of Directors
  • Melanie L. Healey, Verizon Board of Directors
  • Frances Keeth, Verizon Board of Directors
  • Karl-Ludwig Kley, Verizon Board of Directors
  • Donald T. Nicolaisen, Verizon Board of Directors
  • Clarence Otis, Jr., Verizon Board of Directors
  • Rodney E. Slater, Verizon Board of Directors
  • Kathryn A. Tesija, Verizon Board of Directors
  • Gregory D. Wasson, Verizon Board of Directors
  • Gregory G. Weaver, Verizon Board of Directors


[1] Paolucci-Oddone, E., Genuis, M., & Violato, C. (2000). A meta-analysis of the published research on the effects of pornography. In C. Violato, E. Paolucci-Oddone, & M. Genius (Eds). The Changing Family and Child Development (pp. 48-59). Aldershot, England: Ashgate Publishing.

[2] Henga, H. Mossige, S., & Wichstrom, L. (2004). Older adolescents’ positive attitudes toward younger adolescents as sexual partners. Adolescence, 39 (156), 627-651.

[3] Layden, M.A. (2015). Personal communication.

[4] Foubert, J., Brosi, M., & Bannon, S. (2011). Pornography viewing among fraternity men: Effects on bystander intervention, rape myth acceptance & behavioral intent to commit sexual assault. Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity, 18: 212-231.

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