December 19, 2018

Some Major Victories From 2018

Have you heard? 2018 was a year of multiple victories for human dignity. Despite facing a constant uphill battle, you made these successes a reality. Here are a few examples:

Fighting Online Sex Trafficking

73% of child sex trafficking cases investigated by law enforcement will no longer be openly facilitated by, the largest mainstream sex trafficking website in the world. After years of advocacy led by NCOSE, survivors, and other activists, Backpage and many similar websites are completely shut down! This is in part due to the passage of FOSTA-SESTA, legislation which removes previous immunities for sex trafficking websites.

Changing Walmart

5,000 Walmart stores no longer sell Cosmopolitan Magazine in their checkout lines in the United States and Walmart stopped selling child nudity books on their website. Many other retail giants are following suit as Amazon removed hundreds of child sex dolls from their online marketplace and Rite Aid, Food Lion and others have moved to place Cosmo behind blinders.

Impacting Hollywood

Earlier this year, a new children’s movie, “Show Dogs”, hit theaters with a scene reflective of child grooming for sexual abuse. NCOSE immediately called upon its supporters to take action. Our activist army sent over 4,000 emails and hundreds of tweets to the film company calling for change, resulting in the movie being pulled from theaters to be edited.

Addressing Child-on-Child Sexual Abuse

Child-on-child harmful sexual behavior is coming out of the shadows! NCOSE launched a major campaign addressing this problem and trained school officials in three states along with more than 40 military personnel on the topic of child-on-child problematic behaviors.

As we march towards 2019, we hope you’ll continue this line of successes you’ve facilitated.

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