January 30, 2017

Media Advisory: Recommendations for Congress and Administration on Policy Agenda to Address Sexual Exploitation

WHO: National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE)

EVENT: Online Press Conference – Policy Recommendations to Address Sexual Exploitation

WHEN: 1:00 PM ET, January 30, 2017

WHERE: UPDATED – Video Uploaded Here.

WHY: America is suffering from a sexual exploitation crisis. Sex trafficking, pornography addiction, sexual assault, child sexual abuse, and more, are issues significantly impacting American citizens, families, and communities.

This necessitates that the full spectrum of sexual harm be addressed by our federal government.

During this online press conference, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation will ask that the incoming Trump Administration prioritize specific policy actions regarding sex trafficking, opposition to legalization and full decriminalization of prostitution, and the public health crisis of pornography.

Should these recommendations be enacted, the Trump administration would make significant strides combating sexual exploitation, protecting human rights, and preserving human dignity.

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