May 10, 2013

MIM, Coalition Urge Congress to Act on FCC Plan

More than 75 groups join forces to combat weakening indecency rules

WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 8, 2013) – Morality in Media and more than 75 groups have signed a letter to Congress opposing a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposal to severely weaken TV indecency enforcement. The FCC proposed plan would allow incidences of nudity and profanity on the public airwaves. The letter can be seen at

The FCC is accepting public comments on its plan. While the FCC claims to listen to public opinion, this seems unlikely after they recently dumped more than a million complaints regarding indecent programming.

“We can’t win this fight unless Congress sides with the American people and opposes profanity and indecency on network TV. Look at the nearly 100,000 comments submitted to the FCC to date. They favor enforcing the current laws rather than the new FCC plan a thousand to one,” said Patrick A. Trueman, President of Morality in Media. “Congress is more responsive to the public than the unelected five-member FCC Commission and many in Congress will act to stop the FCC,” added Trueman.

Instead of fighting for the rights of parents, the FCC under outgoing Chairman Julius Genachowski sided with the networks and did not enforce decency standards during his four years at the FCC. This was despite U. S. Supreme Court rulings that upheld the right of the public to decency in their own homes.

President Obama has nominated lobbyist Tom Wheeler to chair the FCC. The Coalition asks Congress, specifically the Members on commerce committees that oversee the FCC, to oppose him unless he commits to vigorously enforce decency standards under the current FCC guidelines.

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