April 30, 2013

MIM Applauds UK Action on Porn

Prime Minister to announce ban on pornography in public spaces

WASHINGTON, D.C. (April 30, 2013)– Morality in Media applauds efforts in the United Kingdom to block porn in public areas. Prime Minister David Cameron is set to announce the effort to have “good, clean WiFi” in public spaces such as cafes and public transportation.

Consumption of pornography is causing a worldwide pandemic of harm. Morality in Media maintains an extensive online database of peer-reviewed research on the harm from pornography, PornHarmsResearch.com, accessed and used by people in every country in the world.

Patrick A. Trueman, President of Morality in Media, responded, “It is good to see that the UK is addressing the harms of pornography- which feeds into violence, sex trafficking, addiction and abuse.” Trueman is the Former Chief of the Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section at the U.S. Department of Justice where he supervised the prosecution of child sex crimes, child pornography, and obscenity.

Americans have already taken measures to protect against the harms of pornography. The U.S. Congress passed laws, upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court, which ban the distribution of hardcore adult pornography (“obscene material”), but U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder disbanded the Obscenity Prosecution Task Force and refuses to initiate any new obscenity cases.

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