Morality in Media Joined by Other Religious Groups to Pray Against Effects of Pornography

By Rachael Lee
Dec 11, 2014
Christianity Daily

Morality in Media, a non-profit organization that actively speaks out against pornography and other indecent content in the media, was joined by numerous other religious organizations in hosting a “National Day of Prayer to Strengthen the Fight against Pornography and Sexual Exploitation” on December 9.

The event took place in order that “those concerned with the pervasive influences of pornography and other forms of sexual exploitation [would] pray for those involved in the fight and those struggling with the damaging effects,” Hysen Sisco, a spokesman from Morality in Media, told The Christian Post.

Some of the topics that participants prayed for include: “help those who are struggling with pornography use,” “protect children from exposure as long as possible, and help them make sense of right and wrong once they are exposed,” “guide parents to teach their children real love and value of others,” “comfort the many who are hurting because of pornography,” and “inspire the individuals who are working around the country in this movement that they will know what to do and how to help,” among many others found on the website.

This year, Alliance Defending Freedom, The Christian Film and Television Commission, Women for Decency, and Route 1520 were among the dozens of religious organizations that joined Morality in Media for the National Day of Prayer.

One of the projects that Morality in Media has been launching in order to strengthen the fight against porn is the National Billboard Campaign. This billboard was posted in Birmingham, AL, as part of the organization’s project.

This prayer movement is just one of many projects that Morality in Media has been launching to fight against pornography and sexual exploitation. The National Billboard Campaign, another of Morality in Media’s projects, involves having billboards on the streets to cause people to consider the harmful effects of porn. The organization also has various websites including “The Safe Library Project,” through which it sheds light on how schools can help protect children from explicit content; and “The Dirty Dozen,” through which Morality in Media shows how a dozen major public figures, corporations, and organizations have been perpetuating the consumption of pornography.

Through projects such as these and the National Day of Prayer, Morality in Media spreads awareness of the harmful effects of porn, and gives resources to help people to take action in curbing the consumption and effects of porn.

Morality in Media was started in 1962 in New York City by clergy leaders to work “through constitutional means to curb traffic in obscenity and uphold standards of decency in media.”

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