March 24, 2011

New triple-X domain could open floodgates

One News Now
March 24, 2011

One pro-family advocate says the change to add the XXX address for pornographic sites gives pornography its own king-sized bed on the Internet.

In reaction to ICANN’s decision to give pornographic websites their own triple-X domain, Pat Trueman of Morality in Media says that the action creates a special compartment specifically for pornography on the web, and does nothing to prevent it …

“Pornography will now be ever-more present on the Internet,” says the pro-family spokesman. “You’ll have perhaps two or three or four times as much pornography with the XXX domain. The XXX domain is only a money-maker for one company, and has no business being on the Internet. We don’t need more pornography — we need less pornography.”

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