Our Facebook Page Was Shut Down – We’re Not Giving Up!


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Our very popular Facebook page, Pornography Harms, with almost 35,000 followers was unjustly shut down last night with the claim that we violated Facebook terms and conditions.  This page became the center of our education and activism efforts.  In the 14 months since we started the page, it has grown significantly.  Thousands of the page members were the ones who made calls to Congress, signed our Petition to the President and helped spread the word elsewhere. Together with our united coalition efforts, our Facebook followers have made the issue of pornography a hot topic once again in the news and in Washington, DC.

Just this past weekend, we saw heightened participation on our page – with hundreds of people commenting on and liking specific posts. Facebook and other social media sites are critical to this effort. In the 2011 world, we cannot raise awareness about a specific issue or effort without the aid of online networking.  Our page was the largest of any social networking site devoted to this issue, of both pro-porn and anti-porn. There are many pro-porn social media efforts out there – this is why our page is so CRITICAL.

We are not sure why we were shut down. We were very careful not to violate Facebook’s terms and conditions and we regularly removed members who were threatening, hateful or obscene. Our efforts have been under great scrutiny lately, not just by the porn industry, but by people in Washington who do not like the new pressure being put on the Department of Justice. Just two weeks ago the Department of Justice had our phone lines shut down in our call effort, even though we were not breaking any laws.

Our YouTube channel was shut down as well last year with the claims that we violated the terms and conditions. Pro-porn advocates hacked into our account and filled it with pornography.  After much work, we were able to get that reinstated and we will work to do the same again. It is clear that we’re making a difference when stuff like this happens!

Over the last year and a half we have forced the issue of pornography and its multiple harms to the forefront, gaining the support of Congress and millions like you.

We are not deterred.  We are up against powerful forces in government inside and out, and the porn criminals never rest.

Many thanks for your support. Let us know if you have any ideas now!

Dawn Hawkins

P.S. If you can continue to support us financially, we are in great need right now.






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