June 14, 2013


Now Will Secretary Hagel Stop All Porn Sales?

Pentagon Watch, Number 3 – June 14, 2013

Morality in Media applauds Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus for his order June 13 calling for the immediate removal of all offensive and degrading materials including pornography from all workspaces and from Navy exchanges where numerous pornographic magazines are sold.

Will Secretary Hagel follow suit and make this order military-wide?

Since February of this year when Morality in Media named the Pentagon to it’s “Dirty Dozen” list of porn facilitators, we have called on Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel to stop the sale of pornography in military exchanges.  Pornography is exploitative and demeaning and has no place in the U.S. Military, especially in light of our military’s current sexual exploitation crisis.

The Department of Defense released a study in May of 2013 estimating 26,000 service members were victims of sexual assault. We thank Secretary Mabus for stopping the sale and displays of pornography to help stamp out the culture of sexual exploitation in the Navy.

In light of the May study, MIM sent a letter to Secretary Hagel on June 3 renewing our request that he ban the sale of sexually exploitive pornography magazines and to prohibit access to pornography by electronic devices on military bases worldwide.  MIM has also contacted all members of the U. S. House and Senate Armed Services Committees asking that each urge Secretary Hagel to stop pornography sales in the military exchange services.

The Pentagon Watch on Sexual Exploitation

Pentagon Watch is a publication of Morality in Media targeting the sexually exploitive culture in today’s U.S. Military, which is fueled in part by the sale of pornography in the exchange services and on ships and by access to pornography through electronic devices or other means on military bases.

MIM was founded in 1962, Morality in Media, Inc. is the leading organization focused on opposing pornography and indecency through public education and the application of the law. www.PornHarms.com, http://www.MoralityInMedia.org

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