Pornhub’s Viewers are Increasing, Unfortunately

By Russ Warner, CEO of ContentWatch-makers of Net Nanny

With over 1.68 million visitors per hour, Pornhub was the world’s largest pornographic video sharing website in 2013. Recently, their statisticians collected data from 2013 and summarized a few disheartening facts about pornography use around the world.  This data was gathered from Pornhub’s amazing 14.7 billion visitors!

Now 14.7 billion is a big number. In monetary terms, if you had 14.7 billion dollars, you could buy 150 Boing 737’s. And in people terms, 14.7 billion is more than twice the population of the earth. In celestial terms, 14.7 billion years ago, scientists postulate the Big-Bang happened.  Needless to say, Pornhub has created a destination for an amazing number of pornography purveyors.

On the average, a Pornhub visitor spends 8 minutes and 56 seconds on the site per visit and typically revisits the website six times a day. That’s a 5.1 percent increase over 2012 figures.  Americans spend the most time on Pornhub per visit at 10 minutes and 39 seconds.

Suffice to say, if your U.S. company employs a Pornhub afficionado, he is wasting more than an hour a day on non-work-related tasks. That’s 267 hours per year.  At $15 per hour, your company loses over $4,000 per year per Pornhub viewer.  You don’t normally allow an employee to steal equipment or office supplies, so why allow them to steal your time?

Sunday represents Pornhub’s lowest traffic volume day of the week. However, viewership resumes following the weekend break. On Monday, Pornhub’s webpage visitors are back to high levels as Monday is the most popular viewing day of the week.

Oddly enough, there are a few times per year when Pornhub traffic reduces. During Christmas and New Year’s Eve, Pornhub visits decreased by 28 percent in 2013.  But, following the holiday decrease, there was a spike during the month of January, which is Pornhub’s most popular month.  August also happens to be month with the lowest number of visitors worldwide.  We might assume that summertime and holidays get in the way of porn viewing.

And, the Superbowl is a time when Americans visit the site less. During the game, viewership decreased by 22 percent in 2012.  After the game, viewership goes back to normal levels.

Although there are various searches and videos available on Pornhub, users are drawn to the same search term worldwide. For the past two years, the search term “teen” has been the top search around the world.  This search team alludes to the topic where the porn viewing public is digressing. The implication could be that sexual predators may be seeking younger victims.

Protect your company from the productivity loss related to pornography viewing by employees. Pornography websites may contain malware, which can also affect the security of your company’s IT assets.

More importantly, protect your child from the harmful effects of pornography by using an Internet filter for his/her computer and smartphone. Pornhub, as well as many other similar websites, produce images and videos that can generate thoughts that can turn into actions.


Russ Warner works for Net Nanny. Net Nanny solutions block pornographic websites and inappropriate web searches.

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