Proof the Tide is Turning!

The tide is turning in this fight against sexual exploitation. I have felt growing momentum over the last couple of years and now I find myself yelling “A movement has started!” We have worked tirelessly over the last few years to really bring leaders and experts together, to galvanize public outcry against all exploitation and to oppose the continued pornification of our society.

We are seeing significant changes.

Google, Verizon, the United States Congress, the Department of Defense, Paypal, Groupon, BP Oil, Facebook, and others have changed course and are starting to recognize that we are experiencing a public health crisis as a result of widespread pornography.

Just this morning, I read an article in the porn industry’s trade publication – they are scared! They see the tide turning too. They recognize that we are coming for them and that we are collectively saying no more to sexual exploitation.

They claim that this is a result of “right wing and religious organizations,” but the truth is that there is a movement bigger than that! Yes, we have brought together right wing and religious organizations. But, we have also brought law enforcement, scholars, mental health professionals, feminists and women’s rights activists, child advocates, elected officials and so many more leaders. This is why the porn industry is correct in saying “we see the pendulum swinging back” against the exploitation industry.


I hope that you feel as I do. Get pumped. We are not hopeless in this fight. We need your continued support in all ways you can give it. Be encouraged!

DawnNPCYours in the fight,
Dawn Hawkins
Executive Director, Morality in Media and


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Here is an excerpt from the industry’s article:

I continually hear from industry that porn has become so ingrained in modern culture that it has now become virtually mainstream to the masses and there is no putting that Genie back in its bottle. While I agree that adult entertainment has become much more accepted by a larger segment of modern society than it was pre-Internet, I believe we are beginning to see the pendulum swinging back towards more conservative values and while the Genie may or may not be able to be forced back into the bottle it can certainly be made to hide — one way or another.

2014 is continuing to see a surge of activity in the war against child exploitation and under-age access to age-restricted materials on the Internet, making headlines and causing many cries for action against the adult entertainment industry, which continues to be wrongfully painted as being responsible — either directly or indirectly — for everything from the sexualization of children to underage sexting to outright illegal CP. Nevertheless, getting the vital message out that the adult entertainment industry is not to blame remains a vital endeavor and one that ASACP does not shy away from despite the difficulties involved.

The industry is seeing attacks coming from multiple fronts — not only government representatives and regulators but also financial institutions and online corporate giants that were once only too happy to be doing business with the industry. There have always been right wing and religious organizations that have fought to criminalize all pornography, online and offline — such as MIM (Morality In Media) — the difference now is that more and more are actually listening to these groups and taking them much more seriously. Porn has recently been portrayed in the media as a “public health crisis in the US” that is destroying relationships, the family, causing people to leave the church, sexualizing children, contributing to alcohol and drug abuse and leading to an increase in sexual violence against women and children. It has even been claimed recently that watching porn shrinks the human brain — not kidding — look it up. So why now after 20 years is the anti-porn movement gaining so much traction?

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