August 9, 2013

PSA PornHarms Videos to air in Charleston, SC

Ramica Leary, one of our supporters developed these two PSA announcements to get the conversation going about the harms of pornography. They will air on the radio and on local cable in Charleston, SC.

WE ARE EVER GRATEFUL FOR HER TALENTS AND SUPPORT! If you are interested in sharing some of your creative talents, we can always use more videos and graphics! Please contact us or send them to us to share – or 202-393-7245

30 second spot:

15 second spot:

Rameca Vincent Leary: Background

Rameca Vincent Leary is an honor Ph.D. Student at Regent University, located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Leary has a background in television news, having worked as an anchor, reporter, producer, and public affairs director at WCSC-TV Channel 5 in Charleston, S.C., for the span of eight years. She has received numerous accolades over the years, both academically and professionally. She is grateful for this opportunity to lend her “voice” to Morality in Media’s initiatives.

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