April 8, 2016

VIDEO: Sharing Policy Victories with Over 900 Pastors and Community Leaders

NCOSE’s President, Patrick Trueman, and Executive Director, Dawn Hawkins, spoke this week to over 900 pastors and community leaders in North Carolina at the Set Free Summit.

Watch our presentation here:


This conference addressed the pervasive problem of Internet pornography and presented proven solutions to set people free. Pastors, youth pastors, and other community leaders from across the country and around the world made up the majority of the audience. These key influencers are critically important to educate and encourage in order to foster a church culture that recognizes the problem, promotes prevention, and develops recovery efforts.

Pat and Dawn told the crowds about the policy victories that have resulted from NCOSE’s campaigns. Thanks to the almost half million activists supporting NCOSE campaigns, we are being invited into the boardrooms of corporations who realize that we represent the voice of Americans who are saying loudly and clearly, “Enough!” This event was both inspiring and informative for those involved as people learned that real change is possible.

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