July 1, 2014

ACTION: It’s really more like “The SEXPLOITATION Factor”

The new reality show, “The Sex Factor” is using Twitter to recruit people for a TV competition for porn stardom and a one million dollar prize. People are encouraged to nominate and pressure their friends to compete via Twitter and to post pictures of them. (Many of these pictures and videos are pornographic and Twitter is doing nothing to remove them.)

This show is seeking to push the lies that porn is glamorous, all fun, consenting, and healthy – when in reality porn is violent, degrading, rampant with STDs, where force, fraud and coercion are often used to manipulate people into performing.

We are exposing what “The Sex Factor” really is — SEXUAL EXPLOITATION!

Here are three things YOU can do!

sexfactorshowgraphics-04_twitter1. Take to Twitter as well. Thousands are following this show and believing the lies perpetuated. Join the conversation by tweeting about the realities of porn. Send these prepared Tweets here or write your own and include @TheSxFactor and #pornharms.

2. Complain to Twitter directly! Twitter has become a ‘micro-porn’ service with tens of thousands of porn tweets an hour. Of course, there is no way to keep this from children (who are now using Twitter and Instagram as their main social media site). Twitter is allowing users to upload porn and link to porn in order to promote this new show. Contact Twitter here and tell them to stop facilitating exploitation.

3. Send Miriam Weeks (aka “The Duke Porn Star Belle Knox”) a message that she is worth more. She has been exploited by the industry and media, used and abused, and then bullied out of college. She sees few options now and is the “star” of this new reality show. Write her a message here.


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