Headshot of Robert Cahill
October 2, 2020

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation Remembers the Legacy of Robert Cahill

The movement to end sexual exploitation lost a great champion recently. Robert Cahill, the longtime chairman of the board of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation died on September 7 at the age of 87.

Bob was a humble man of great accomplishments.  He reinvigorated NCOSE eleven years ago when it was facing an uncertain future by recruiting new staff and board members and by infusing the organization with more than sufficient financial resources to allow it to thrive.  Bob served as chairman for nearly 30 years guiding the organization to prominence until his health caused him to step down in 2019.

Born September 24, 1932, son of the late Helen Fitzsimmons Cahill and Robert Livingston Cahill, Bob was a devout Catholic, a consummate gentleman and quintessential New Yorker. An alumnus of The Loyola School, Georgetown University and The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Bob spent his career on Wall Street and was a member of the New York Stock Exchange for over 30 years. He was a managing partner in the specialist firms Cahill, Smith and Gallatin, followed by 17 years as managing partner at Conklin Cahill & Co.

A dedicated and selfless philanthropist, Bob was generous with his time, expertise and leadership at many institutions and nonprofit organizations in addition to NCOSE. Bob was former chairman of the Pontifical Institute of Liturgy Foundation. For over 25 years he also served on the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of The Gregorian University Foundation in New York City, currently in Washington, D.C., receiving the William R. Grant Award upon his retirement. He was former President and later, Chairman Emeritus, of City Harvest, an organization providing food for the hungry. He joined Bread for the World (BFW) in Washington, D.C., almost 40 years ago, spreading the message of BFW to numerous family members, friends and patrons. As a member of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Development Committee, Bob continued to help lead Bread for the World, an ecumenical advocacy organization, and made a significant contribution to the reduction of world hunger that has taken place in recent decades. In addition, he was a founding Board Member of The Alliance to End Hunger in Washington, D.C.

Bob will be greatly missed by the Board of Directors and staff of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation.

Patrick A. Trueman


Patrick Trueman serves as president of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation.  He spearheads efforts to address the intersectionality between all forms of sexual exploitation, including the public health crisis of pornography, the demand for commercial sexual exploitation, the abuse of children, and more. Under his leadership, NCOSE has produced policy improvements at a wide range of notable institutions, including Google, Wal-Mart, the Department of Justice, Verizon, the Federal Communications Commission, and more.

In 2015, Mr. Trueman, a lawyer for more than 40 years, established the organization’s Law Center, to influence the law and our courts to ensure the values of human dignity are represented.

Patrick Trueman is a former Chief of the Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section, Criminal Division at the U. S. Department of Justice from 1988 to 1993. While there, he supervised the prosecution of child sex crimes, child pornography, and obscenity, managing an office of prosecutors and working with the nation’s ninety-three United States Attorneys to initiate and coordinate federal prosecutions.

During his years as a lawyer, he litigated cases at all levels of the federal system, including in the United States Supreme Court. He has been an advisor to many municipalities on First Amendment law and has helped draft ordinances to end or curb the impact of sexually oriented businesses such as pornography shops, strip clubs, and related establishments. A recognized international expert, Mr. Trueman has traveled throughout the world to speak about human trafficking and the harms of sexual exploitation.

Mr. Trueman lives just outside Washington, D.C., and is married to Laura Clay Trueman. Laura and Pat Trueman have three children.



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