April 3, 2014

TV Decency Enforcement Discussed at FCC

WASHINGTON, DC – On April 2, 2014, Morality in Media President, Patrick A. Trueman, along with leaders from other major family groups met with Commissioner Michael O’Rielly of the Federal Communications Commission to discuss the urgent need to begin enforcement of the federal television decency law. The groups in attendance regard the enforcement of decency as a major priority.

Commissioner O’Rielly response was very encouraging, telling the group leaders he meant what he said in his confirmation hearing before the U.S. Senate earlier this year, “TV decency enforcement is a priority with me.”

Trueman remarked that unless the FCC begins enforcement of the federal decency law again, the right to decency will be lost and people who want decent programming will be left without alternatives on TV.

Among the groups attending the meeting with Commissioner O’Rielly were Concerned Women for America, Family Research Council, and Focus on the Family.

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