March 11, 2014

UPDATE: Recent Successes

Be encouraged! I want to tell you a few of the really good things that have happened recently. These united efforts are having a tremendous impact – groups and individuals (LIKE YOU) are making a difference.

  • Last week, Google reached out to us. They want to meet and talk about how they can get off of our Dirty Dozen List. We now have a meeting with Google’s Senior Counsel in April.
  • On Friday, I heard about a man who sold his $500,000 investment in Verizon stock because of their enormous profit from pornography. The company rents several child-themed porn films on Fios TV. This man heard about Verizon from our Dirty Dozen List and immediately changed his investment. (See, telling your friends can lead to big things!)
  • Just after we launched our website,, we got an email from a man in Uganda who is a former pornographer and pimp who is now working to help survivors and to educate the public on the harms. He said he’s been following our efforts for a while and that he was inspired to start an organized effort there. In addition, I was recently reviewing the analytics of our website. I saw that Mumbai is ranked #10 of areas where the most visitors to our site are coming from. There were over 1,000 unique visitors from Mumbai. I never would have thought that we could reach and help people all around the world.
  • We recently started tracking our advocacy efforts better and I just saw that in the last month, 10,595 actions have been taken by our army of supporters to oppose pornography and exploitation. This is incredible! Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who is fed up with this stuff and making complaints – but we really are many!

I’m not always good at filling you all in the many good things happening in these efforts. And sometimes it is easy to only see the immense struggle before us. But, our efforts are not in vain. I hope this message helps you feel that hope that I do.


MIM_ExecutiveDirector Dawn HawkinsMANY THANKS!!

Dawn Hawkins
Executive Director




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