July 31, 2018

Using Social Media to Defend Human Dignity

We have all heard the story of “The Frog Prince” before: an ugly frog is turned into a handsome prince after being kissed by a princess. It’s a fantastic tale that shows even the ‘ugly’ can become beautiful with a little love and dedication.

Twitter is one of our frogs, or perhaps birds. It earned a spot on the 2013, 2017, and 2018 Dirty Dozen List. Twitter has been facilitating sexual exploitation by not enforcing its own content policy and allowing posts containing pornographic and exploitive content. Despite the ugliness, we also see the potential it has to become a platform for dedicated people to make a beautiful change in the world. That’s why we encourage you to follow us on Twitter and join in the fight against sexual exploitation. We also encourage you to follow us on other social media platforms; links are at the bottom.

Below are some sample tweets and graphics for you to post:

.@Twitter Please help curb sexploitation by filtering out pornographic accounts, photos, and hashtags. #CleanUpTwitter Click To Tweet .@jack It's time for @Twitter to actively enforce it's own content policy and remove pornographic content which is degrading to women. Click To Tweet



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