panel legal approaches to prostitution
May 19, 2017

[Video] Sexploitation Is Nobody’s Job: A Panel Discussion Review of Legal Approaches to Prostitution

This presentation discusses the different legal models or approaches to prostitution, including criminalization, legalization, decriminalization, and the Nordic model, and their impact on the prevalence of sex trafficking.

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This panel presentation was given at the 2016 Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation (CESE) Summit. To learn more visit

• Lisa Thompson, National Center on Sexual Exploitation
• Laura Lederer, Global Centurion
• Taina Bien-Aimé, Coalition Against Trafficking in Women
• Donna M. Hughes, Ph.D., University of Rhode Island
• Karen Countryman-Roswurm, LMSW, Ph.D., Wichita State
University, Center for Combatting Human Trafficking

National Center on Sexual Exploitation

Founded in 1962, National Center on Sexual Exploitation is the leading national organization opposing pornography by highlighting the links to sex trafficking, violence against women, child abuse, addiction and more. The organization changed its name from Morality In Media to the National Center on Sexual Exploitation early in 2015 to better describe the organization’s scope and mission, which is to expose the seamless connection between all forms of sexual exploitation.

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