May 13, 2020

Washington Examiner: Prosecuting obscenity is the key to ending explosion of child sexual abuse material

Originally Published at The Washington Examiner

By Eleanor Kennelly Gaetan

If you’ve had the disturbing occasion to know how nihilistic and obscene pornography is today, you know torture is standard fare. So is racism, incest, and teen rape.

PornMD, a search engine for the MindGeek platforms of trash and criminality including Pornhub, reports its most popular searches include “very young,” “young Asian,” “young anal sex” and, at the other end of life’s spectrum, “granny anal compilation” — perverse options that normalize anti-social behavior and impulses.

As one extremely disturbing example, earlier this year, Pornhub’s most-watched video, with more than 4 million views worldwide, showed a teenage girl being electrocuted, burned with wax, and penetrated by a machine, while her hands and feet were shackled and her mouth was gagged. She screamed in pain throughout this torture.

And that is just one platform where hardcore pornography, or rather, illegal obscenity, exists. There are countless others.

Those of us with eyes open and hearts punctured by this cultural degradation are puzzled why the Department of Justice has prosecuted zero cases against hardcore pornography, despite President Trump’s October 2016 pledge to “aggressively enforce” the nation’s obscenity laws.

As a result of the federal government’s apparent indifference, online pornography has only gotten more brutal, putting at risk the women in the scenes as well as its consumers, and that won’t end until the DOJ’s criminal division ramps up obscenity prosecutions.

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