August 27, 2013

Will Hilton Hotels Follow Suit?

Sex Exploitation Shuts Down Hotel Porn

WASHINGTON, D.C. (August 27, 2013) – Morality in Media praises Scandinavian hotel chain The Nordic Choice, which announced the end of pornography in their 171 locations to stem child sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Petter Stordalen, owner of The Nordic Choice hotel chain, decided to act after working with Unicef’s campaign to help child victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation. Stordalen said, “The porn industry contributes to trafficking, so I see it as a natural part of having a social responsibility to send out a clear signal that Nordic Hotels doesn’t support or condone this.”

MIM Executive Director Dawn Hawkins said all U.S. hotel chains should follow suit. Hawkins said, “We urge Hilton to look at the reasons The Nordic Choice, and other chains such as Omni Hotels and Resorts, have stopped selling pornography. Do they really want to be in the business of contributing to trafficking and sexual exploitation?”

Hilton Hotels made MIM’s Dirty Dozen List as one of the top facilitators of pornography in America. Other leading hotel chains in the U.S. and worldwide, such as Omni Hotels and Resorts, Drury Hotels, and Ritz Carlton, keep pornography out of their hotels and thrive. MIM continues to call on supporters to contact Hilton and urge them to stop selling pornography.

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